Important Things to Review About Scoliosis Treatment

Important Things to Review About Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis treatment in Dubai is a condition of the spine. It is most common in children, though it can also occur in adults. A patient who develops scoliosis may not require scoliosis treatment. However, if the condition is severe, surgery may be necessary to correct the curve. In these cases, the surgeon may use spinal fusion, which involves spinal instrumentation. Decompressive laminectomy, on the other hand, involves removing the laminae between vertebrae. In addition, it creates more space for the nerves.

A: Although scoliosis surgery is a relatively routine procedure, the procedure can be risky. The risk of infection is up to 10 percent after surgery. Moreover, a patient will have to be sedated for the surgery, which could lead to complications. The recovery process after surgery can be challenging, and post-operative pain may be worse. A well-chosen surgeon will also consider the needs and preferences of each patient before deciding whether surgery is the right course of action.

B: Patients with mild scoliosis are not a candidate for spinal fusion. In this procedure, a spinal surgeon fuses the bones of the spine to prevent further curvature. In most cases, the procedure does not involve the use of metal rods or bone grafts, but it does reduce the curve in the spine. After surgery, they can return to school and play sports, but some risks are associated with fusion surgery.

C: A patient must be fully aware of the risks associated with scoliosis surgery before undergoing surgery. While the majority of patients experience positive results, the high risk of complication is not worth the potential pain. There is no restriction on lifting heavy objects, but some patients require a re-operation because of the pain. Additionally, the procedure is invasive and has high rates of complications.

D: Surgical procedures are associated with a substantial risk. Even so, these procedures have been shown to have positive effects on the physical and psychological health of the patients, although the risks are often lifelong. If performed for a child with CP, spinal fusion surgery may be an option. While spinal fusion surgery is a major operation, it can improve a patient’s quality of life.

E: Scoliosis treatment varies from mild to severe. A mild curve does not require treatment, but regular follow-ups are recommended to monitor the curve. The apex of scoliosis is the most easily visible part of the spine. The apex of the thoracic portion is most obvious. During the procedure, the doctor may have to use an ultrasound to determine the extent of the deformity.