How to Obtain an Australian Visa

How to Obtain an Australian Visa

If you want to apply for Australian immigration, please read the information on the website carefully. This will help you in the effective submission of your application. Also visit Australian immigration laws, latest trends in Australian immigration law, migration portals, and the glossary of immigration terms.

Australian immigration authorities are very strict in approving the applications for the Australian visa. As such, if you want to get an Australian visa approved, you must follow the right procedure to get approved. Please note that if you want to get an immigrant visa approved, you need to have strong Australian background, skills, and qualifications. Please refer to the eligibility requirements below to get started.

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  1. Please note that when you submit your application to the Department of Immigration, you need to submit it to them via the Electronic Health Record or the EHP. For first-time applicants, it is recommended that you submit your application to the EHP only after you have completed your application for the Australian visa. This will enable you to get the best possible processing of your visa. For the repeated applications of the eligible countries, you should contact the respective visa office to submit your application to them after you have finished your visa application.
  2. The main purpose of the EHP is to make the processing of visa applications easier. You must submit your application to the designated office using a form that is available on the EHP website. When you submit the form online, it shall be transmitted to the Australian High Commission by the EHP. On receipt of the electronic copy of the visa application, the applicant needs to submit it to the designated visa office either through the EHP or by hand.
  3. After submitting the visa application through the EHP, the applicant can expect processing of the visa in about a month. The Australian Government EHAZP portal is the fastest way to get the processed Australian Student Visa quickly. In case of any delay in getting the visa, you can use the phone number provided by the Australian High Commission to contact the department to reschedule the application. 

Australian Student Visa

The Australian Student Visa is one of the most sought-after Australian immigration programs. The Australian Visa in Abu Dhabi is offered to skilled graduates who are pursuing graduate degree programs in Australia. Skilled professionals who are pursuing courses at Australian universities or colleges and are eligible for Australian citizenship are eligible to get the visa.