Guidelines for creating a good presentation design

Guidelines for creating a good presentation design

The basics of presentation design include the different types of elements involved in the creation of a professional presentation. Although presentation design is a broad topic, there are several different types that you will need to know about if you are going to be successful at it. This article will give you a brief overview of the different types so you can get started right away with your presentation design project.

Types of PowerPoint design:

The first type of PowerPoint design you will need to know about is a hierarchy. To make sure your slides are not too long or lack interesting content, you need to learn how to properly organize and present the information on your slides. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways including using different types of graphics, displaying slide layouts in different sizes, arranging rows of numbers on the slide, grouping slides by category, and creating sub-topics within the main topic. All of these methods should be used with the same goal in mind.

Color schemes and font size:

Another very important factor to remember about presentation design is the importance of color schemes and font size. Color schemes can vary drastically depending on the audience, the reason for having the presentation, the type of the presentation itself, the layout, and the purpose of the presentation itself. For example, if you are presenting health-related information on a health-related topic, you would probably want to use a lot of red and bold colors. 

Visual storyline:

Visual storytelling is another important aspect of presentation design. Most people are familiar with the concept of visual storytelling. This simply means that the presenter will take up the conversation slowly to lead the audience into thinking about what they wanted to know more about the topic at hand. These presentations are best done on topics that are not too complicated but still need to be discussed simply.

Deck of cards:

The deck of cards that you are going to use for your PowerPoint presentations is very important. These cards should make the presentation look more like a conversation and not as an experiment. It is advisable to avoid using complex graphics or cards that contain too many transitions and elements. You should also keep the font size of the card as small as possible and try to fit all visual storytelling techniques that you use in the presentation on the cards.