First Timers Guide for Working with Exhibition Stand Design Companies

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If you are thinking of setting up an exhibition in the near future, then it is in your best interests to find the best possible company for your needs. There are literally hundreds of exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, and thousands more online. With such a minefield of choice, how can you possibly find the one that’s right for you? This article will look at some of the things to look for when choosing a company, as well as what to avoid. So, let’s begin.

Ask Yourself Some Questions:

As a first-time exhibitor, you’ll want to know how to weed out the amateur exhibition stand design companies who may have appealing website designs, but not so much experience working with a range of products. The most obvious signs that a firm is brand new are their low prices, which will be obvious if you’ve only just started exhibiting. You do this by digging deep into their portfolio and seeking out markers like:

  • How long have they been working on these designs?
  • And are they offering any advice about how to get the most from your products, and for how much money?

Get All the Jobs Done for You for the Event:

Another major advantage of using the services of a professional display stand manufacturer is that they will ensure that your company is represented at all events. This means that you don’t get passed over for cheaper booths, or ignored entirely for fear that someone else will find your goods desirable. It’s been proven that many booth designers take a dim view of companies who exhibit at trade shows and will go out of their way to ensure that there is no competition. This may cause some of us to lose out on valuable opportunities, but it should also encourage us to approach these companies in the future in the same way.

Pro Tips for the Newbies:

  1. You don’t need to have a fancy booth, just a few well-thoughtout banner stands and a load of neatly printed brochures to sell your wares. Look for companies who can provide samples of their work, and then compare that with your own.
  2. Some companies will even allow you to pre-size and re-size your products, at extra cost.

Do some research, and see how flexible your exhibition stand and trade show booth layouts could be. Do not compromise on this at all, otherwise you’re never going to make it to the end of your event.