Six formalities that you must fulfill when writing a will

Six formalities that you must fulfill when writing a will

Although, it seems easy to prepare your will but there are some state rules that must be followed while preparing will. You can write your will by yourself if it is easy but if you don’t know then you can also hire will writing services in Dubai as there are many companies offering will be writing services there. The trend of wills in Dubai has become quite common therefore you can easily find will writing services. However, there are few formalities that you must consider while preparing your will and then it will be declared as valid will.

Format of will:

Your will can be handwritten or typewritten and it can be prepared on computer. Both of the formats will be declared as valid but you should not go for holographic will. Your will require your signature, date, address and beneficiaries’ addresses. The other requirements of will vary from state to state.

Meet your state’s requirements of witnesses:

Your will must meet your state’s requirements of witnesses. Some states require two witnesses and some require three witnesses. You can also see this information on internet. For notarization, yours and your witness’ signatures will be required. Most of the states do not allow your lawyer as beneficiaries or anyone who is mentioned in the will to be a witness.

Date on will:

Your will must show the date when it was signed by you and by your witness. Without date, it will not be considered as valid.

Legal capacity to make a will:

You must meet the legal requirements to write your will. It means that you must be 18 years or more to prepare your will. You must be of sound mind and you must know that you are making a will. You must know that what the will contains.

Distribute your property:

If you have a property then you must distribute your property in your will. If you are going to leave any of your property and you want to transfer it to your beneficiaries then you must mention it in your will.

Can not remove the staples:

You can not remove staples from your will. If you have stapled together the pages of your will then you can not remove it because it will show that someone has altered your will. If you will remove your will then it may make it void.